Serena Remote Controlled Shades

The components of Serena Remote-Controlled Shades come in a variety of styles and colors to fit aesthetically into your space.

Style & Color Options

Light-Filtering Single-Cell

Light-filtering single-cell shades transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow. They are available in 5 different fabric types including Point Bonded, Spun Lace, Crush, Sheer, and Woven.
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Light-Filtering Double-Cell

Light-filtering double-cell shades allow some light to filter into the space and saves even more energy with its double-cell insulating design.
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Room-Darkening Single-Cell

Room-darkening single-cell shades block light from entering into a space and create complete privacy from the outside. This style saves the most energy due to its aluminum lining.
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Wireless Controls

Contemporary settings demand the sharp corners, fashionable colors, and tasteful textures provided by the International Style wallplates.

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Pico wireless control