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Superior project aesthetics and dimming performance
Integration and use of system data
Use of advanced energy strategies
High quality and reliability
Flexibility to support repurposing of spaces

Superior project aesthetics and dimming performance

EcoSystem devices deliver smooth and continuous dimming, consistent dimming curves across all zones and fixture types, and immunity to poor power quality and line noise. EcoSystem devices are guaranteed to avoid pop-on, steps, flicker, or drop-out, which are common problems with dimming LED drivers.

Smooth, continuous dimming – no pop-on, steps, flicker, or drop-out – which are common problems with other dimming LED drivers.
Lutron LED drivers are designed for 50,000 hours of operation at full-rated load backed by 50 years of Lutron experience designing power electronics.

Controlling LEDs Whitepaper


Integration and use of system data

EcoSystem is a two-way digital network that enables light energy usage monitoring, LED module and driver failure reporting and integration with BMS or data analytics tools.



Use of advanced energy strategies

Lutron EcoSystem simplifies using occupancy sensing, multi-zone daylighting, and personal control strategies across all areas of a building. It also helps meet stringent energy code requirements, including automatic shut-off, daylighting and dimming for multi-level control.

More granular occupancy groups: Utilize smaller occupancy zones in open office areas to maximize energy savings and comfort.

Create ideal daylighting zones and manual control zones that are ideal for each space: Manual controls keep people comfortable and productive, while multi-zone daylight maximizes energy efficiency. There’s no need to compromise one for the other. Ecosystem is a cost effective way to handle small control zones.

Utilize personal control: Individual fixtures or small groups of fixtures are easily controlled through Pico controls or Personna PC. Also, these are great problem solvers late in design or for facility teams after start-up.

EcoSystem allows you to combine flexible energy strategies in a space, while using fewer components than other solutions. For example, this 14-zone mixed office application utilizes three overlapping strategies and requires just one EcoSystem link. A typical 0-10V application for this same space require as many as 14 controllers.


High quality and reliability

EcoSystem delivers proven compatibility and component reliability, and is backed by Lutron services around the world. Lutron EcoSystem devices are engineered and tested to guarantee compatibility between controls, drivers and sensors.

Other Systems – Will it work?

Lutron EcoSystem – Designed to work together


Flexibility to support repurposing of spaces

EcoSystem enables easy rezoning and reconfiguring during design, commissioning, and throughout the entire building lifecycle without rewiring.
Lutron EcoSystem Control System Analog Control System
Rezone without rewiring (in a matter of hours) Open up ceilings
Less time = less money Run low voltage wiring
Minimal workspace disruption Add more zones
  More time = more money
  Workspace disruption


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