Lutron's Data Logger program enables customers to prove energy savings opportunities before investing in controls.  Data loggers can be provided by Lutron for qualifying projects at no cost to the customer. ">
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Data Logger Program

Lighting control saves energy and money in virtually every
commercial application – now Lutron and Onset® can help you
identify the best energy saving opportunities in your building. With
Lutron’s new Data Logger program, identify areas where lights are
often left on when the space is empty. Onset HOBO® occupancy and
light data loggers can be loaned on qualifying projects at no charge.

Onset HOBO Data Logger features:

  • Easy to install – battery powered,
    wireless data loggers
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Simply download data with USB
    connection on any PC

How does the program work?

1) Setup account with Lutron – Fill out the Account Setup Form and commit to return     data loggers after project is complete

2) Request data loggers through the Sample Form and send to your local Lutron sales     representative. The form will ask for some basic project info:
  • Project budget
  • Location
  • When data loggers are needed by and for how long
  • Number of data loggers needed
3) After Lutron approval, data loggers will ship to you for use on your project.     Start collecting and analyzing data.

4) Return the data loggers to Lutron. This process ensures that you will not be billed.

Design the space

Once you identify spaces to add
lighting controls, Lutron offers the
Energi Advisor App to help generate
a proposal, bill of material, and ROI.

Install the solution and start saving

Lutron’s Energi TriPak wireless easy retrofit system installs up to 70%
faster than traditional wired

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