Lutron Motion Sensing Light Switches

Find the right sensor for you


Lights come on to a dim level as you
start your day.

laundry room

When your hands are full of laundry,
the sensor will get the lights.


Never leave the lights on as you are
running out the door.

find the right sensor for you

Motion Sensor Switch

Hands-free lighting.

Great for laundry rooms,
closets and more.


Most Versatile Motion Sensor Switch

Hands-free lighting and fans.

Use in spaces with one or more switches
like hallways, garages, or bathrooms.


Dimmer Sensor

Dimmer and sensor in one.

Lights come on to favorite dimmed level when you
enter bathroom, laundry room, and more.


Lutron sensors worked flawlessly and have worked for years.

- Patrick, Chicago, IL

Having sensors means one less thing I have to deal with.

- Stephen, Parkland, FL

I originally bought them for energy savings, but now we love them for the convenience.
Now I want them in every room.

- Steven, Cape Canal, FL

Very easy to install, they work great, and I can adjust it for the settings I want.
I never knew how much we’d love having this.

- Sam, San Francisco, California