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Roller Shade Fabrics

Accommodate the light-level needs of any space - from a sunroom to a home theater - all with a stylish array of colors and patterns.

The open weaves of sheer fabrics preserve the view to the outside and allow sunlight to filter into a room.

Tighter weaves in translucent fabrics allow the glow of sunlight, but reduce views to shapes and shadows, providing increased privacy.

Blackout fabrics are completely opaque. When combined with side channel, these fabrics provide a total blackout solution and prevent all light from entering a space.

Fabric Collections

Offering of decorative patterns and solids for residential or hospitality environments
Sheer Translucent Blackout

Array of high-performance fabrics for commercial or residential applications, many with fire ratings and sustainable properties
Sheer Translucent Blackout

Coulisse – Elegance
Chic and sophisticated palette of classic colors and weaves
Sheer Translucent Blackout

Coulisse – Bold
High-fashion selection of brilliant shades that make a statement
Translucent Blackout

Coulisse – Tranquil
Soothing collection of timeless hues found in nature
Sheer Translucent Blackout

Roller Essentials Collection
Subset of Gallery and Classico fabrics offered for battery-powered roller shades
Sheer Translucent Blackout

* The openness factor measures the weave of a fabric in terms of the percentage of light and U/V rays the fabric allows to pass into a room. For example, blackout fabrics have an openness factor of 0%. A fabric with a 20% openness factor blocks 80% of light and U/V rays.