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Serena® Remote Controlled Shades

The diagram above provides an overview of the components that constitute the Serena Remote-controlled shading system, as well as compatible Lutron products. You can refer to the categorized list below to find a complete list of components with more detail about select products.

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The Pico® wireless control can function as a stylish tabletop control on a pedestal or it can be wall-mounted within a Lutron Claro® faceplate to mimic a traditional keypad, but without wires.

Pico wireless control

Remote Controls

Use a Lutron remote control to control Serena shades from anywhere in the room.

Pico wireless control

Power Supply

Serena remote-controlled shades can be powered via the following supplies:

Batteries (not included)
Individual plug-in power supply
Note: indicates communication via Clear Connect™ RF technology.