Lutron Energi TriPak Applications
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Energi TriPak®


In public spaces such as restrooms, lighting is often left on, even when the space is unoccupied. A PowPak® relay module can automatically switch the lights off based on occupancy information received from the Radio Powr Savr™ wireless occupancy sensor. And since the occupancy sensor utilizes superior XCT™ sensing technology, you don’t have to worry about leaving occupants in the dark.


Though utilized more than stairwells, corridors and hallways are additional applications where light energy is wasted due to code requirements. Using dimming, high-end trim and occupancy/vacancy sensing helps save energy in these areas. High-end trim sets the maximum lighting level for a space, while occupancy/vacancy sensing dims lights when hallways aren’t occupied.

Conference Room

A conference room that accommodates a wide range of activities needs to have flexible, easy-to-use lighting control. Energi TriPak® meets these needs with simple and intuitive Pico® wireless controls, which occupants can use to switch or dim lights or raise and lower Sivoia® QS Triathlon® shades.

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