Lutron Energi TriPak Features
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Energi TriPak
Energi TriPak is compatible with all lamp types, and provides various control options that will enhance the design of the space while helping to meet energy codes required for new construction and retrofit applications.

Individual Fixture

Energi TriPak wireless fixture control eliminates design and installation hassle by allowing you to simply count the fixtures and add a PowPak wireless fixture control to each one. Control options are available to work with any 0-10 V or EcoSystem fixture. No control wiring required between fixtures.


This simple control option allows for the easy addition of occupancy/vacancy sensing. Load controller options include an in-wall switch or ceiling-mount switching module for control of up to 20 Amps of lighting, fan, motor, or receptacle loads.


Lutron Maestro Wireless dimmers work with incandescent/halogen, dimmable CFL/LED, and electronic/magnetic low-voltage bulbs, as well as 3-wire fluorescent ballasts/LED drivers. Utilize an in-wall dimmer and a Radio Powr Savr wireless daylight sensor to add daylight harvesting to your lighting control system.

0-10 V

0-10 V analog control is widely used in the fixture industry to dim fluorescent and LED lamps. The PowPak dimming module with 0-10 V control offers a wireless control option for the third- party ballasts and drivers utilized in these fixtures, reducing the number of wires that need to be run compared to a wired 0-10 V control system.


EcoSystem digital control provides the most flexibility by facilitating individual ballast/driver addressing. This enables lighting zone reconfiguration without having to move a single wire. Additionally, EcoSystem technology delivers guaranteed system compatibility. The PowPak dimming module with EcoSystem and EcoSystem ballasts/drivers are engineered and tested to work seamlessly together.

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