Lutron Services: Software Upgrade
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Lutron Services: Software Upgrade

With the new tools that a Lutron Software Upgrade can offer, the facilities team may streamline work orders, reduce employee interruptions and complaints and increase the level of system control. Review your software upgrade options below.

Q-Admin Software Upgrade

For Quantum Total Light Management System. We are constantly developing our Q-Admin Software for the Quantum system to deliver more impactful solutions based on your feedback. Below we’ve outlined the highlighted features for each our software version numbers available to you. Versions are all-inclusive of the previous version's features – version 2.6 includes the features of 2.3, for example.

Quantum Q-Admin Software Versions

Click on any of the tools below to access a detailed description.


Q-Admin Access Rights Management

Assign access rights to different areas of the building(s) to the right facilities personnel to increase security, delegate responsibilities and hold employees accountable. Perfect for campuses or buildings with departments or tenants.

Favorite Buttons

If you have reoccurring events that require large lighting programming changes, the favorite buttons allows you to capture and switch instantly between event modes. Great for hospitality customers or spaces that require different levels of formality in the lighting.

Brightness Override

An update to our cloudy day shades feature, the brightness override will detect if natural lighting intensity is above average and automatically lower the shades. Keeps employees satisfied and productive.

Advanced Conditional Logic

Manage your lighting system with custom and specific logic that you define. With the advanced conditional logic feature you have the capability to tell your system to perform specific actions based on the status of other system components. For example, a custom logic that tells the system to disable certain keypad buttons when load shed is active.
Also includes Versions 2.6, 2.3, 2.0


Automated Alerts & Alarms

Virtually end your employee lighting complaints spurred from lamp failures or dead occupancy sensors. The alerts and alarms feature will warn facility managers about failing lamps or dying batteries before they fail allowing you to complete the work order before your employees recognize any issues.

iPad® App Control

Control lighting from the room that those lights are in with our iPad® App. Make lighting changes while multitasking in a meeting or on the go from anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available.
Also includes Versions 2.3, 2.0


Energy metering for LEED & Sustainability Standards

Measure your energy use (instead of calculating it) – a necessity for LEED and other sustainability standards. Offers increased accuracy of your energy use analyses.

Radio Shadow Sensor

Spotty clouds, neighboring buildings, and big trees will all cast shadows on areas of your building unannounced. Prevent your Hyperion controlled shades from automatically closing when in shade with radio shadow sensors. (wireless sensors required)

XML Web Services Compatible

Many 3rd party software visualization tools operate with this communication protocol. Lutron’s Q-Admin will work seamlessly with these newer tools.

Personna PC

Minimize employee complaints by allowing them to control their overhead lighting levels through their work station computers. Evidence suggests that energy is saved when users have access to locally control lighting. ($25 per controlling work station)
Also includes Versions 2.0


Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 Support

Bring your Lutron software up to current IT standards and ensure security and prevent potential operating system caused interruptions moving forward.

Vacancy Sensor Support

Some juristic require the use of vacancy sensors instead of the typical occupancy sensors. Vacancy sensors will direct lights to turn off when people leave the room (occupancy sensors direct the lights to turn on when room becomes occupied).


Create dramatic architectural lighting effects to create a polished and impressive space – one that might just make the difference in building a customer’s positive impression. Sequencing allows you define repeating lighting sequences – like a soft pulsing light that changes color – to add drama to your hotel lobby, restaurant, museum entrance, or other hospitality venue.

Supportive Components

These additional supportive features offer additional capabilities and securities for all software versions. The software components may be added at any time without completing a full software version upgrade.

Graphics Layout Package

Visually navigate your lighting control software like you navigate your building with interactive graphic floor plans. By integrating the software controls into a graphic layout of your building you can quickly see where lights are turned on or off and reprogram areas intuitively.

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

Gain peace-of-mind with complete software coverage and save on your software license upgrade.
  • Upgrade to the software version of your choice.
  • Includes unlimited free Q-Admin Software license upgrades – you only pay for labor.
  • Extends the Lutron Software warranty for the life of the agreement with no cancellation penalty.
  • Ensure your system isn’t interrupted by Microsoft patch updates.

What’s Next?

Request a quote or talk to a Lutron specialist.

Contact your Lutron representative to request more information regarding your software upgrade options and SMAs. Dial 800.523.9466 and follow the prompts for “field service” and then “warranty & service plan options.” A representative will work with you to determine which service features fit your organization. In addition, upgrades can be scheduled at a minimally invasive time and include software training for an easy transition.

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