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Energy & Sustainability

Rebates & Incentives

There are numerous rebates and incentives that promote energy-efficient lighting systems. Incentives to purchase and install energy-efficient products can come from:

1. Local and state utilities
2. State energy efficiency programs
3. Federal stimulus monies that focus on energy efficiency

Utility Incentives by State or Province

Lutron Quantum, EcoSystem, Ballasts, GRAFIK Eye QS, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors products may be eligible for prescriptive or custom program utility incentives and rebates.

Find Rebates in Your Area

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Rebates by State or Province

From the menu below, find eligible programs in your state or province. IMPORTANT: Please check with your local utility to verify the current status of all incentives and rebates. To search for incentives in your state or province, please scroll to your state and click Apply.

This on-line database lists possible rebates from utility companies for the purchase of certain lighting control products. Lutron obtains this information from a third-party service provider. Neither Lutron nor its service provider makes any warranties or representations as to, and will not be responsible for, the accuracy or correctness of the rebate information. Customers should contact the specific utility company to confirm the details of its incentive and rebate programs.

DLC Qualified Products List

The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) maintains qualified product lists for both fixtures and networked lighting controls. To qualify, products must meet a variety of functional requirements. Utilities can simplify their rebate programs by choosing to incentivize products that are found on the qualified product list instead of having to develop their own list of requirements and verify each product. Lutron Quantum and Vive systems, along with a number of Lutron fixture solutions are currently listed on the DLC’s Qualified Products List. Learn more and download the QPL.

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