Lutron Sales Policies Overview
Sales Policies

Sales Policies Overview

Sales Policies:

Lutron is committed to serving our customers by providing products of the highestquality,performance, and value. In order to successfully achieve this goal, werely on ourdistributors,dealers and other resellers to add value to our productsbefore theyreach their final users. Lutron has established several policies regardingthe advertising,marketing and resale of its products. The policies are an importantcomponent ofour strategy to properly support sales, preserve and protect the valueof Lutronintellectual property and the reputation of the Lutron brand and associatedtrademarksand trade names belonging to it. These policies are subject to changeat any timeby Lutron, in its sole discretion.

MAP – Minimum Advertised Price
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Caséta Wireless– USCaséta Wireless– Canada Serena Shades– US and Canada0-10V Dimmers– US0-10V Dimmers– CanadaMaestro CL PRO – US and Canada

OSP – Online Sales Policy
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Brand Standards
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