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EcoSystem® H-Series Ballasts
The EcoSystem H-Series family offers cost-effective ballasts for up to 1% high performance dimming. Designed to expand the market for energy saving light controls, the H-Series ballast offers superior capability, easy setup, and increased flexibility.

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  • Digitally addressable ballasts combine superior 1% dimming performance and reliability
  • Universal voltage input (120 V, 220 V / 240 V, 277 V)
  • 2ft. and 3ft T8, T5, and T5-HO lamp fixture models available for universal voltage
  • 347 V input for 1- and 2-lamp 4' fixtures
  • NEW EcoSystem H10-Series Reduced Wattage Ballasts offer continuous, flicker-free dimming from 100% to 10% for selected T8, T5 and T5HO reduced-wattage lamps1
  • Ballasts work with both wired and wireless sensors and controls for significant energy-savings
  • Works with Energi Savr Node™ Solutions with EcoSystem module, which acts as a connection point for EcoSystem H-Series ballasts, wired or wireless controls and sensors
  • Also works with GRAFIK Eye® QS for conference rooms and Energi TriPak® for retrofit applications
  • Factory-Tuned ballasts with a custom ballast factor lower than standard models are available, and can be selected by utilizing the
    Ballast Selection Tool
  • Programmed rapid start design ensures full rated lamp life
  • Lamps turn on to any dimmed level without flashing to full brightness
  • Low total harmonic distortion throughout the entire dimming range
  • Operating frequency ensures ballast does not interfere with IR devices
  • End-of-lamp-life protection circuitry ensures safe operation
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Non-volatile memory restores all ballast settings after power failure
  • 100% performance tested at factory
Lutron requires recommends sockets complying with IEC 60400. Use Rapid Start sockets. Do NOT use Instant Start sockets. For more information, please see Application Note 122: Lampholders and Lampholder Installation for Fluorescent Dimming.

Starting price. Varies by model.
1H10-Series is a 10% low-end dimming solution for selected reduced wattage lamps; Lutron does not suggest mixing of different percentage ballasts in the same fixture/areas,  as the difference in low end can cause an unsatisfactory look to the lighting in the space.
Lutron OEM Fixture Partners Lutron Electronics has direct relationships with more than 300 lighting fixture manufacturers. Lutron works closely with these partners to provide customers with the full range of Lutron light control systems in an array of design options.
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