Comprehensive and Competitive Benefits Package from Lutron
About Us


Lutron recognizes we are successful because of our employees. Lutron ensures that the needs of each individual are taken care of through a comprehensive and competitive benefits program.

Basic Benefits

Lutron offers paid vacations and holidays. Our full-time employees are also offered health care, life insurance, disability insurance, a tax-deferred 401(k) plan, profit sharing, and educational support. We have established programs to reward success and dedication to sustain a long career at Lutron.

Lutron University

As evidence of our commitment to developing employees to their fullest potential, we created Lutron University. Lutron University offers on-site programs taught by university professors, nationally recognized training consultants, and experienced professionals from Lutron. In addition to our on-site programs, Lutron University offers employees opportunities to attend conferences and off-site training programs. We also have a tuition reimbursement program that allows our employees to pursue courses or degree programs, which support their career development.

Lutron understands the value of training and development. Employees are placed in a positive environment that allows them to drive their development and take charge of their career. Whether an employee joins Lutron as an experienced professional or straight out of college, Lutron aligns them with a thorough training program tailored to their preferences and career needs.