Lutron Culture - Light Control Inventiveness, Learning, & Development
About Us


“Lutron’s culture is a blend of intense inventiveness with learning and development, which is supported throughout the organization.”

– Gary Dichtenberg, Founder and President of Professional Development Associates

At Lutron, you have the opportunity to pave your own way through challenging assignments, and enriching developmental opportunities. Employees are encouraged to proactively drive their growth through internal courses and external seminars coordinated with our employee education center, Lutron University. Lutron invests in training for every employee at every location, from the newly hired to the experienced. The ongoing educational opportunities offered to our employees allow us to stand out among other companies and differentiate us from the pack.

“Lutron people are creative, especially when it comes to problem solving. They have people from many different areas, and from many different backgrounds come together to solve problems they encounter.” – Dr. Noel Mayo, College of the Arts, Ohio State University

You will have the benefit of personal identity while working with people at all levels and the opportunity for an immediate impact on the company. An atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie complements this professional accessibility. Lutron is a company where you come to work prepared to think, create, and make things happen.

The continued growth of our company is directly related to the skills, interests, pride, and abilities of our employees, and how well we work together as a team. By working together as a team, we can strive to make every employee’s job a source of personal satisfaction in terms of responsibility, and opportunities for advancement. Our employees come to share the tremendous pride we have in our people, our products and our performance.