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When we ask our people what they like about working at Lutron, the discussion invariably comes down to three things: the opportunity to work with excellent people; a culture that puts a premium on execution through teamwork, collegiality, and consensus; and a never ending business focus on product innovation.

Lutron is a company where you come to work prepared to think, create, and make things happen. Employees often work on cross functional teams, where their objectivity, imagination, and intellect are valued, regardless of position, experience level, or expertise. Employees learn and grow by participating in stretch assignments designed to broaden their knowledge while bringing fresh ideas and perspective to help the company solve challenging business problems or explore exciting new opportunities. It is this culture that takes advantage of the incredible collective talents of our people that sets Lutron apart from other companies.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this employee roundtable, see what a few of our people have to say about what it’s like to work here at Lutron.

Senior Design and Development Engineer
- Eric, Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Project Leader
- Mark, Mechanical Engineer

Design and Development Engineer
- Rami, Electrical Engineer

Rhodes - Project Software Engineer
Software engineering at Lutron is unique in that recent grads with just a few years experience are already producing industry-leading products that go directly into consumers' hands. In my first six months here I helped design an application that helps configure light control systems, and got to work directly with contractors, installers and other customers who actually use the system. I never expected to get this kind of experience so early in my career.

Jim – Design and Development Engineer
For me, the best part about working here is the people. Not only am I working with the most intelligent people I ever met, but I'm working across disciplines, so I continue to learn every day as I interact with mechanical, electrical and embedded software engineers. And Lutron is a nice blend of big company (with extensive resources) and small company (where people are treated like people, not numbers).

John – Engineering Software Leader
I like the variety in my work. Troubleshooting - UI design - architecture - development - visiting customers - interviewing candidates - they're all part of the mix. Plus there's a wealth of growth opportunities. All paths are open - technical, management, sales - and you can go as far as you want on any path you want, as long as you're willing to work for it.

Tyler – Software Engineering Co-op
At lunch one day, I casually jumped into a conversation with two high-level engineers about serial key authentication systems. Next thing I knew, they handed me the whole project, which involved coordinating with other engineers to research and implement the system. As a co-op, I was shocked to realize that even casual input was taken seriously, and that the company trusted me to take the lead on the project from the very beginning.