Lutron Software Engineering Skills and Technology
Software Engineering


Worth repeating: At Lutron, it’s not just about coding. Right out of school, you’ll be given opportunities to work directly with customers and cross-functional teams where your input is considered vital to the success of the project. Here are some of the technical skills you’ll need:
  • Human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Databases (table design and normalisation, stored procedure development)
  • Algorithm design and run-time analysis
  • Object-oriented design concepts (inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction)
  • Design patterns
  • Networking and communications

Because of the collaborative nature of systems design, you’ll also need people skills, including the ability to:
  • Communicate effectively with other team members
  • Work directly with customers and with sales/marketing people to understand system requirements
  • Visit customer sites to learn more about their needs and to troubleshoot field issues
  • Participate in recruiting efforts

Software Development Technologies

Lutron uses technologies that meet our goals for high quality, reliability, collaboration, and rapid prototyping and development. Many of our current projects use Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Windows Presentation Foundation, Apple® XCode IDE for iPhone and iPad® , Microsoft SQL Server, and Firebird database. Our engineers are constantly exploring emerging technologies and evaluating how they might be used to improve our product offerings and development efficiency.

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