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Challenging Projects

It’s not your grandma’s dining-room dimmer switch. It’s systems that monitor energy use in whole buildings. Systems that react to varying conditions both inside and outside… that automatically respond to the presence of people; to electric utility load signals; and to astronomic conditions like the length of the day and the angle of the sun. It’s systems that control electric lights, motorized shades, HVAC controllers, and A/V equipment. Systems with layer upon layer of complexity, all controlled through applications that are almost as intuitive as grandma’s dimmer. The applications that you designed.

The Sky’s the Limit

Lutron is committed to hiring the best and brightest engineers, and that’s not just an idle boast. We are more interested in your potential than in the specific skill set you possess when you get here.

Once you’re here we’ll focus on your personal development, and the sky’s the limit. You’ll have immediate opportunities to sharpen your technical, leadership, interpersonal, time management and problem-solving skills in software engineering.

After that, you may choose to move into new roles including project leadership, marketing/product management, sales or other areas. Or, you might choose to stay in software engineering and sharpen your technical skills. We always need technical team leaders, managers and consultants on software-related topics.

The point is, there are career paths in every direction – and it’s your choice about which one to follow.

Other Software Development

Lutron does two kinds of software development. This site is focused on application software that resides on computers or mobile devices. In addition, we also create embedded software, which is code that runs on a wide variety of microcontrollers embedded in most of Lutron’s products.

Developed in languages like C, C++, and even assembly, embedded software manages communications links; ensures real-time system operation and feedback; and interacts with application software. Because of this close connection, the two types of software engineers work very closely with each other, and even have opportunities to switch back and forth between the two disciplines.

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