GRAFIK RA 2 adds energy savings and convenience to a space, while providing just the right amount of light for any activity – making the space more flexible.

Saves energy

Sensors and timeclock events ensure lights aren’t on when no one is in the space, while automated blinds help reduce heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun’s rays in the summer and capturing those rays in the winter.

Adds convenience

Utilise the Pico wireless control to control lights or shades from anywhere in the space or turn flat lights on from the comfort of your car. It is easy to integrate the system with home automation systems and universal remotes.

Provides ambiance

Light control means you can adjust light levels to create just the right feel for any activity. In a conference room you can create the right environment for viewing presentations, or adjust the lights in your home to the perfect levels for reading, cooking, or watching a movie. In addition, you can simply lower blinds for privacy or to reduce glare.