GRAFIK RA 2 is a single area, wireless lighting and shading solution that is ideal for new construction and or major renovation in smaller residential and commercial spaces. This comprehensive system is comprised of keypads, light controls, sensors, and blinds. The solution can also be extended to join multiple areas into a system.

This solution is easy to design, install, and program, and is a cost-effective way to add value to any space.

Easy to design

  • No new wiring required
  • No extra space needed for equipment panels
  • Graphical software tracks bill of materials and documents design

Easy to install

  • No extra panels or enclosures required
  • Battery-powered remote controls, occupancy/ vacancy sensors, and wireless blinds can be added after the final fit-out
  • Main repeater plugs into the wall just like the router, and can be located almost anywhere

Easy to program

  • Intuitive drag and drop style programming software
  • Individual button programming
  • Apps for mobile devices automatically programmed; no additional programming required
  • Extract programming from the main repeater
  • Integration drivers available for all major home automation systems
Energy Savings