GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless with KNX
GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless with KNX

GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless now KNX Compatible

GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless is a powerful, customisable preset lighting control system that allows you to adjust lights and blinds for any task or activity. GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless helps you save energy, as well as meet the aesthetic, functional, or regulatory needs of any project or space.


  • Connects directly to the KNX communication bus for seamless integration
  • Assign controls from the ETS Software
  • Adaptable to every need from the front panel – No need to re-commission
  • Add Lutron Wireless Sensors, Blinds and Controls as required to expand your system
GRAFIK Eye KNX Application


  • DALI bus supply for 64 devices
  • Available for 6, 8 or 16 zones
  • 16 scenes that can be mapped to control other KNX devices
  • Astronomic Timeclock
  • Sequencing
  • IR and RF control
  • Control Lutron blinds directly and from a KNX keypad
  • Wired and Wireless sensor input