EcoSystem is a commercial lighting control system that is comprised of digitally addressable dimming ballasts, controls, and environmental sensors. These components provide businesses with energy savings from 40 to 70%, while increasing space flexibility, improving occupant comfort and productivity, and reducing maintenance costs.

What's New

QS Timeclock

The QS Timeclock is an astronomic timeclock that provides automatic control of lights and shades from a single device on the QS link.

Pico® wired control

The wired control is an intuitive control that works with Lutron systems to save energy and increase occupant comfort and productivity. This low-cost Pico wired control is available globally in two and three button configurations.

Expanding the EcoSystem® Solution

The NEW EcoSystem H Series ballast offers reliable dimming to less than 1%, integration with wireless sensors and controls for easy installation, and the flexibility of digitally addressable technology and high-performance fluorescent dimming. 3-lamp models now available.

Download EcoSystem H-Series specification sheet [PDF]
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