Commercial Applications

Imaging & Radiology

Imaging and radiology areas require lighting controls that do not interfere with the operation of the sensitive imaging equipment. These areas also require controlled lighting levels for the patients and staff.

Patients are often anxious during the initial set-up of imaging procedures and tests. To help the patient relax, imaging areas should adopt finishes and features that help reduce stress. Higher lighting levels are typically needed to set up procedures, but during the procedures, physicians and technicians need lower light levels for a clear view and accurate interpretation of the images on video screens.

lighting for radiology rooms
Designed for imaging and radiology spaces, the Lutron DC Dimming System incorporates direct current to dim the lights. Incorporating RTISS technology, the DC dimming panel compensates for incoming line-voltage variations and provides consistent light levels. Electrical noise levels are below the recommendations for MRI system manufacturers, ensuring the highest performance of MRI equipment.

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DC Dimming System The ideal dimming solution tailored to the special needs of MRI rooms.

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