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Commercial Building Systems Integration

Lutron lighting controls can seamlessly and reliably integrate with many different building systems, including building management systems (BMS), security systems, and maintenance systems. The BACnet/IP protocol is the primary means of integration. BACnet is embedded or native in the BTL certified Quantum processor, which means no external interfaces or gateways are required in order to communicate with other systems. The end goal is to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and simplify the lives of facility managers.Seamless interoperability between major building systems goes a long way to helping achieve this goal. In addition to BACnet, Lutron also provides a variety of other means to communicate with different buildings systems including RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP, contact closures, Modbus TCP/IP, Open ADA, and XML Webservices.

The following are just some of the companies that offer integration solutions with Lutron.