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Ketra Ready: Beautiful Light, Beautiful Fixtures, More Choices

Introducing the Ketra Ready collection, a curated selection of designer fixtures compatible with Ketra’s industry-leading light sources.

Coopersburg, PA (September 9, 2021) – Beautiful light or beautiful fixtures? With Ketra Ready, both are easily within reach. Every piece in the limited collection works seamlessly with Ketra light sources, making it easier to find fixtures from renowned designers that are ready to work with the world’s highest quality light.

The Ketra Ready collection is part of a greater initiative to extend the magic of Ketra into more spaces, allowing designers to bring the lighting solution into interiors with unique styles and aesthetics, and enabling more light sources and fixtures to coexist in harmony.

Rather than choosing between aesthetics or performance, revel in the warmth and beauty of decorative fixtures without sacrificing intelligent control capabilities. The dynamic selection of high-end creations spans a diverse range of styles—and fit effortlessly into any interior design.

Simplifying fixture selection once and for all
With Ketra Ready, designers always have a solution at hand. Gain the aesthetic value of an architectural fixture, the highest quality light on the market, and a holistic lighting and control solution that enhances and elevates your space, enabling you to set the perfect light for every moment. By bringing all the pieces together in one place, Ketra Ready enables you to add more Ketra to your spaces, with less effort.

“This is the next stage of bringing the Ketra magic to more applications,” says Horace Ho, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Ketra, a Lutron company. “Our vision is to transform what light can be, make it more than a utility, and bring this incredible, transformative lighting experience to as many people and places as possible—and this program is unlocking a new path for us to make that a reality.”

Meet the Ketra Ready Partners
Industry-leading artisans including David Trubridge, Stephen Pikus, Remains Lighting, Lumetta, Vibia, and Ango contribute to this varied and diverse collection. Options range from modern and contemporary styles to classic and timeless designs, as well as artistic, bespoke creations that span from statement pieces to quieter options that let the surrounding design sing. With some fixtures focused on natural materials and textures, designers can emphasize the sustainable, biophilic designs that enhance the natural light experience of Ketra.

From style to style, every Ketra Ready fixture culminates in the perfect meeting of high-end design and innovative lighting technology. As the program grows, Ketra remains happy to field new requests from designers to meet their specs and add to the collection.

Discover the Ketra Difference
Revolutionary lighting technology sets Ketra apart, enabling designers to explore endless creative possibilities. Simple and intuitive, designers can use the Lutron app to adjust color temperature, intensity, vibrancy, and more, all in real-time. Flexibility is built-in, so dialing in the right light is easy.

Bring the outdoors in with a solution that mimics daylight. Precise and unparalleled in its ability to recreate natural daylight, Ketra connects every occupant to nature, supporting overall well-being through human-centric designs.

The recently launched Lightbar Slim—a new low-voltage linear luminaire—offers a sleek solution for even the tightest of corners, opening up even more opportunities to extend the Ketra magic, and immerse yourself in the one-of-a-kind experience.

Ketra Ready fixtures are available now for specification with Ketra lamps. Find your fixture and learn more today.

Click below for video and high-resolution images:

Ketra Ready Video
David Trubridge - Hush Kirksey Sabic
David Trubridge - Navicula Cedar House
Stephen Pikus

About Ketra
Founded in 2009, Ketra offers the most advanced lighting system in the world, delivering high quality light that is flexible and adjustable, allowing for tailored lighting solutions to meet any consumer needs. Ketra’s revolutionary Natural Light gradually shifts in color temperature and intensity to mimic the sun, making spaces feel seamlessly bathed in sunlight. With over 70 U.S. patents earned to date, the Ketra system is comprised of LED luminaires and lamps, controls, software and driver chip technology.

Ketra + Lutron Electronics
In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron Electronics, the leader in innovation, quality, and service for lighting controls and shades. In joining the Lutron family, Ketra gained a tenured team of experts from Lutron’s 60-year history that bring wisdom and top-notch quality and service. Together, Lutron and Ketra are building the complete luxury experience -- a seamless whole home or whole office environment that is greater than the sum of its parts. Beautiful Light. Intelligent Shades. Powerful Controls. All working harmoniously.