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Lighting Control Institute

ILT 703 - Facility Manager Training - Quantum Generation 1 Basic

2 Days
Location: Coopersburg, PA, Irvine, CA
Cost: $700

This 2-day course is designed for Facility Managers that use Quantum Versions 1.5 through 2.6. If you would like to become more proficient at using the Quantum Software Suite with your Quantum Total Light Management system, this two-day class provides the hands-on training to make that happen. On the first day you will learn the following “Q-Admin” concepts: Ballast Replacement Wizard, Reports generation, Diagnostics monitoring, Time Clock modification, Area Scene changes, Daylight Target Set Point, Occupancy modification, and Hyperion setup/adjustments. On day two you will learn the basics of Q-Design: adding a new QS Control, Area/Zone modification, and Network-related tools. Hands-on Quantum Trainer Kits will be used by each student to provide a visual aid for in-class exercises.

*Please check your Quantum desktop icon for software version number. The first two numbers are relevant: Ex. Quantum 2.5.XXX

Who Should Attend?
Facility Managers who operate a Quantum system within their facility and are already familiar with its basic functionality.This course is designed for Facility Managers that use Quantum Versions 1.5 through 2.6.

This Course Will Help You…
  • Practice using the Quantum software packages to monitor & control the lighting control system, manipulate (compile, transfer, and back-up) data, and create reports.
  • Translate the technical details of EcoSystem ballasts, Quantum hubs, QS devices (including shades), and Quantum software into strategies that optimize the performance of a large, commercial facility.


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