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  • Luxury residence

    Wiltshire, United Kingdom
    The client wanted unified control of both interior and exterior lighting, as well as automated blinds, and seamless integration with HVAC and security. The solution needed to be robust, simple to use and aesthetically complement the modern, clean interior of this high-end propert y. HomeWorks QS was the ideal solution for this home, as was specified by home technology specialists TwentyTwo Integration. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Lymm Water Tower

    Chesire, United Kingdom
    Bought on a whim for 138,000, the 5-story tower is one of several hundred surviving water towers built in the mid-to-late 19th century to improve public health in towns, villages, and hospitals across Britain. The Lutron HomeWorks lighting system constantly monitors and records t he state of all devices in the house and tower. The powerful processor communicates with controls to operate lights, relays, motors, and other remote-controlled devices. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Cadogan Square

    London, United Kingdom
    Nestled amongst some of Belgravia's finest properties, 79 Cadogan Place is an example of 19th century architecture with a technology infusion hidden behind its stately facade. Lutron HomeWorks - a recipient of the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations '99 Award - was specified as the system most appropriate for the development. The system provided a total solutions package by making everything simple, solving a problem the owner didn't even know he had. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Allen Plaza

    United States
    Allen Plaza, located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, is a LEED gold certified building with a Mondrian-inspired design. It includes 31 avant-garde condominiums that offer residents the luxury of urban refinement. In-wall dimmers, lamp dimmers, hybrid keypads, switches, and Sivoia QS Wireless Roller 100 shades are the key components on the job. The easy functionality, aesthetics, simple scene setting and engraved controls help create a very happy homeowner. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Boydell Court

    St John's Wood, United Kingdom
    Consisting of six luxury homes, the Vue penthouses, constructed by Major Stake on top of an existing block of apartments at Boydell Court, takes minimalist high-tech chic to new levels. The Vue Penthouses' sound, lighting, window blinds, and heating/cooling were integrated into t he Lutron HomeWorks light control system for ultimate control. The use of the Lutron Sivoia QED drives for controlling the roller blinds and curtains, allowed for complete control of daylight. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Astor Place

    United States
    Astor Place is an urban landmark that offers a sweeping panorama of the Manhattan skyline. Lutron lighting and shade control systems preserve the spectacular city views while optimizing the mix of daylight and electric light. Unique to this project is the all-glass building with the floor to ceiling windows and a curvilinear facade. The system introduces the ability to instantly set a scene that ensures privacy, optimizes daylight, controls ambience, and maintains privacy. ...more Download PDF: English
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