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Quick Estimates, Simple Solutions

QuEst-D is a free, easy-to-use online tool that instantly provides you with a code-compliant lighting control solution, project estimate, and bill of materials after inputting basic project information. View Sell Sheet

"Faster estimates = more projects. With Lutron's QuEst-DTM tool I get a reliable estimate, with good-better-best options, in just minutes."
- Steve Borruso, BEI Electrical


How it Works

  • Code-compliance Check

    Code-compliance? Check.

    QuEst-D selects the code by region for your project and populates the bill of materials to create a code-compliant design.

  • Detailed Bill of Materials

    Detailed Bill of Materials

    QuEst-D provides a detailed bill of materials and labor estimate of selected solutions, so you and your customer understand the features and benefits of each one.

  • It just takes one click

    It just takes one click.

    QuEst-D asks you a few simple questions about your project and your customer's needs. Answer the questions and the tool gives you recommended and alternate solutions.

Compare and Share

Real time solutions

QuEst-D offers solutions with the most basic information -- or allows you to refine your project specifications for more detailed estimates.

Best option for your solution

Compare options for your project, then receive a breakdown of materials, costs, and initial reports to share with your customers.

Lutron Supports Your Total Project Needs

Build confidence

Build confidence with your customers – use QuEst-D to get started with an instant estimate.

Designer+ software

After creating a project estimate, you can use Designer+ software to layer in design specifics on floorplans, finalize bill of materials, and create submittal reports.

Let's Get Started!

QuEst-D is free. No Downloads. No Subscriptions.