Lutron QuEst-D – Quick Estimates, Simple Solutions

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When you need a lighting control estimate
QuEst-D is your answer. This easy-to-use software walks you through questions about basic project information and instantly provides you with a Lutron wireless lighting control solution, project estimate, and bill of materials.


How QuEst-D Works

  • Answer basic questions

    Answer basic questions about your project. QuEst-D does the rest.

    Tell us what you know about your project and your customer’s needs, and QuEst-D finds a solution.

  • Instant estimate for customer

    Get an instant estimate for your customer.

    No need to wait for a project quote. QuEst-D provides a recommended solution and additional options for comparison and consideration so you can decide which is best for each project.

  • Design with confidence

    Design with confidence.

    Each solution provides code compliance with bill-of-materials and labor estimate. Solution details help you and your customer best understand the features and benefits of each option.

QuEst-D Results Include –

  • Easy solution comparisons
    Easy solution comparisons
  • Accurate labor estimates
    Labor estimates
  • Instant cost comparisons
    Instant cost comparisons
  • Code-compliant solutions
    Code-compliant solutions

Take a Look at QuEst-D Reports

Get real-time solutions as you enter project details.QuEst-D offers solutions with even basic information or allows you to refine your project specifications for more detailed estimates.

Select the best option for your project, then receive a breakdown of materials and initial reports to share with your customers.

Bring it all Together with Lutron Designer+

Build confidence

Build confidence with your customers – use QuEst-D to get started with an instant estimate.

Designer+ software

After creating a project estimate, you can also use Designer+ software to layer in design specifics on floorplans, finalize bill of materials and create submittal reports. Lutron supports your total project needs.

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