Signature Series Wallstation

Signature Series keypads allow you to incorporate the functions of standard size keypads into a sleek, narrow-profile control that fits flush in doorjamb, or custom millwork. They feature large, backlight buttons to add a unique and elegant look.

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  • Can be programmed to control an individual lighting zone, a group of lighting zones, a lighting scene for your entire home and landscape, or other systems in your home
  • Also have backlighting for easy readability any time of the day or night
  • Signature series Monaco keypads feature blue LED backlighting
  • Signature series Monterey keypads feature green LED backlighting (white exclusively available for Monteray)
  • Signature Series keypads are available for HomeWorks systems

Engraving options

Engraving is included with this system. To learn more, see the Engraving Sheets for this system.

Colors & Finishes

Satin Nickel
Satin NickelSN
Gold Plated
Gold PlatedAU
Bright Brass
Bright BrassBB
Bright Chrome
Bright ChromeBC