Hyperion Solar-adaptive Shading

The diagram above provides an overview of the components that constitute the Hyperion Solar-adaptive shading system, as well as compatible Lutron products. You can refer to the categorized list below to find a complete list of components with more detail about select products.

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Use seeTouch keypads to temporarily override Hyperion with the touch of a button.

seeTouch QS wallstation

Integrated Systems

Hyperion seamlessly integrates with the following Lutron systems:



Use the Radio Window sensor to maximize natural daylight and available views:

Radio Window sensor

Window Treatments

Shading solutions are available in a wide range of fabric options specifically designed to manage and transform daylight in various ways.

Sivoia QS roller shades

Programming & Software

Hyperion uses the following software for easy and reliable functionality:

Q-Admin Software


Lutron processors ensure your system operates safely and securely.

Quantum Hub