Serena Smart Shades


Use the remote to control shades from anywhere in a room. applications_863B_0.html

Control Within Reach

Adjust hard-to-reach shades, such as those in a second story foyer, safely and effortlessly. applications_627A_1.html

Easy Installation

Shades install and operate without wires, perfect for retrofit applications. applications_869F_1.html

Low Maintenance

Serena shades feature industry-leading battery performance. And you can change the batteries without taking down the shade; simply tilt the headrail forward. applications_011D_0.html

Fashionable Aesthetics

Available in roller and insulating honeycomb styles, Serena shades feature a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to enhance the functionality and décor of any space. applications_39F6_0.html

Cordless Design

A safe solution for homes with children or pets applications_61F4_0.html

Total Scene Control

Add a Lutron Smart Bridge and Caséta Wireless dimmers and you can control multiple shades along with lights to set the “scene” in any room at any time of day. applications_D3E7_0.html