Energi Savr Node Solutions

Energi Savr Node solution provides various control options that will enhance the design of the space while helping to meet energy codes required for new construction and retrofit applications.

Energi Savr Node for Tunable White

The Energi Savr Node module for Tunable White works with Lutron’s Quantum system and can control up to 32 T-Series digitally addressable, 2-Channel Tunable White LED drivers, enabling independent control of intensity and color temperature (CCT) when controlling tunable white fixtures. When paired with the T-Series drivers, this Energi Savr Node provides an end-to-end tunable white solution with guaranteed performance and compatibility.

Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem

The Energi Savr Node module with EcoSystem can control up to 128 EcoSystem digitally addressable LED drivers or fluorescent ballasts. Lutron exclusive EcoSystem technology is used in intelligent LED and fluorescent lighting control solutions to create flexibility in a space.

Energi Savr Node with Softswitch

The Energi Savr Node with Softswitch can switch up to four 20 A loads, such as third-party switching ballasts, motors, other non-dim lighting loads, and receptacles. The patented Softswitch circuit eliminates arcing at mechanical contacts when loads are switched, extending the relay life.

Energi Savr Node for 0-10 V

The Energi Savr Node for 0-10 V provides switching and dimming control for up to four 16 A circuits of 0-10 V loads. This module allows the integration of third party 0-10 V LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts into a Lutron lighting control solution.