Commercial Applications


When you choose Lutron as your light control provider, you are choosing a company with more than 50 years of energy saving innovation, products that support and promote sustainability, and the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Maximize Energy Savings

The President and federal government have been focused on energy savings and energy efficiency for several years. The recently signed Executive Order (EO) 13834 states that all federal agencies must continue to achieve and maintain annual reductions in building energy use, as well as implement efficiency to reduce costs. Performance contracting can be used to achieve these goals, including building modernization. In new construction and major renovations, federal agencies must comply with applicable building energy efficiency requirements and sustainable design principles, while also tracking and reporting on energy management activities, performance improvements, cost reductions, and energy savings.

Lutron lighting controls can help to reduce up to 60%1 of your building lighting electricity usage, which translates to a 23%2 overall electricity reduction with Lutron solutions alone. Lutron solutions can be used in new construction, major renovations, and performance contracting to meet the goals of EO 13834, as stated above

Annual electricity usage in commercial buildings

1Lighting accounts for 39% of building electricity usage (Energy Information Administration, 2003, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, released September 2008). Lighting energy savings exceeding 60% is frequently reported by customers using Lutron solutions as part of an overall energy-savings design program.

2 Savings is based on 60% reduction in lighting energy and 14% reduction in HVAC energy use. Lighting and HVAC account for 25% and 51% of building energy use respectively (Source: Energy Information Administration. 2008. 2003 Commercial building energy consumption survey.). Contact Lutron at for more information.