Commercial Applications

Landmark Structures

Lighting plays a major role in preserving the beauty of our nation’s landmarks. With the ability to create dramatic lighting effects and provide significant energy savings, Lutron controls are ideal for these applications.

Automated control and scheduling are typical lighting requirements for landmarks. Lutron solutions like LCP128 incorporate an astronomic timeclock, occupancy sensing, and an after-hours mode for automated control. In addition, it provides easy manual control through intuitive keypads, and integrates with building management systems. It also incorporates Lutron’s patented Real-Time Illumination Stability System (RTISS) technology, which ensures lighting levels remain constant throughout changes in power conditions. Lutron lighting controls are first to be specified when it comes to saving energy while enhancing the features and beauty of our nations historical landmarks.


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LCP128 Easy to design, install, and program, LCP128 is an easily configured lighting management system that offers automated presets and simple end-user control of all dimming and switching on a job.
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