Commercial Applications

Parking & Perimeter Areas

In parking and perimeter areas, safety and security are just as important as energy savings. Lutron light control solutions provide the ability to schedule events based on the time of day, creating a safely lit environment, and saving energy.

Lutron switching solutions allow for automated control of individual and groups of lighting zones for flexibility and energy savings. Lutron XPS works directly with occupancy, scheduled, and manual controls to meet the needs for flexibility, control, and energy efficiency. Its built-in astronomical timeclock provides programming based on sunrise and sunset, so the lights are on only when they need to be. It also integrates with security systems for enhanced safety, and enhances the appearance of a structure throughout the day.
XPS Providing long life, rapid installation, a built-in astronomical timeclock and patented million-cycle technology, XPS is the premier switching system for commercial applications.
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Systems for Parking and Perimeter Areas Quantum GRAFIK 7000 LCP128 XPS