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Sunlight is the original light source. From the appealing quality of daylight to its inherent sustainability, there are a number of reasons why sunlight must be part of any light control solution.

Harnessing Daylight

Daylight is a powerful resource. Effectively managing daylight lowers lighting expenses, HVAC costs, and improves the look and feel of a room. However, it does present some light-control challenges. Weather conditions, the time of year, the direction the room is facing, and the structures surrounding a building are all considerations when determining how to make daylight a part of a light management plan.


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As an industry leader in light control technology, Lutron has ample experience in effectively utilizing available daylight. Lutron systems can be paired with daylight sensors that automatically adjust overhead lights to the changing amount of sunlight. We also offer the revolutionary Hyperion Solar Adaptive Shading system, which automatically formulates shading needs based on a building's geographical position, window dimensions, and façade orientations.

Daylight benefits

Energy efficiency
Controlling daylight decreases dependency on electric lights and reduces the load on HVAC systems. 

Boost productivity
The use of shades can diminish glare, reduce solar heat gain, and increase daylight exposure, thereby increasing worker productivity and satisfaction.

Increase comfort
Filtered daylight  – as a result of Lutron shading systems – can create a warm, inviting environment.

Additional privacy & security
Shading systems also grant the privacy desired for any application, from conference room to bathroom. While this privacy adds to the ambiance of a room, it also increases a space's security.

The Power of Shading

Excessive amounts of daylight can be too much of a good thing. Shading is used to filter or completely block sunlight from entering a room for a number of reasons. The proper use of shades can allow you to reduce glare, maintain privacy, decrease HVAC expenses, block UV rays from damaging treasured possessions, and enhance the overall aesthetic of a room.

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Lutron offers a wide array of shading fabrics and styles to complement any room's décor and light management needs. Fabrics range from sheer to blackout, allowing varying amounts of sunlight to pass. Dual sided shades, for example, can reflect sunlight and UV rays while still allowing views to the outside. Decorative shades, on the other hand, add a touch of elegance with an assortment of designs, patterns, and colors. Lutron shades are all custom made to fit any sized or shaped window, including skylights, and angled windows.

Lutron automated shading systems have many different control options to allow for convenient, touch-of-a-button control of different window treatment styles. Systems can recall favorite preset shading positions, be set to a timeclock, or be overridden with a variety of keypad or remote controls to accommodate for the activities in the space.