Startup Services

Startup Services are designed to ensure that the newly installed Lutron lighting control system is turned over on schedule and is operating as designed. Start Service option are available to match the needs of the project whether it is new construction or retrofit.

Startup Service Options

Our Startup Services include:

Onsite Startup
Onsite Startup includes a visit to the job site by a Lutron Service Representative to configure the newly installed lighting control system to match the approved sequence of operations, and to train an end-user representative on system operation and maintenance. Depending on the type of Lutron system purchased and the size of the system, Onsite Startup may include pre-wire and training services.

After Hours Startup
This service is offered for projects that require Startup Services to be performed outside of normal business hours or on scheduled Lutron holidays. This service is most commonly used for retrofit or renovation projects.

Telephone Startup
Telephone Startup allows a Lutron Remote Service Technician to provide telephone-based guidance to an onsite electrical contractor to startup a newly installed lighting control system.

Onsite Scene and Level Tuning
Once the Lutron lighting control system startup is complete, a lighting designer may choose to make real-time adjustments to meet the needs of the space. Onsite Scene and Level Tuning (formerly called “Aim and Focus” visit) entitles the lighting designer to one onsite visit with a Lutron Service Representative to make the necessary changes.

System Performance-Verification Documentation
Some projects need to more actively demonstrate that the system is performing as designed. Today’s green building design standards require documentation that describes the tests that were performed and the results of those tests.

Onsite Performance-Verification Walkthrough
An Onsite Performance-Verification Walkthrough is an onsite visit to demonstrate the system functionality to facility representatives or the commissioning agent. This service is often purchased in conjunction with the System Performance-Verification Documentation