RadioRA 2

Temperature Control

Add temperature control to RadioRA 2 for increased convenience and energy savings. Choose from our NEW TouchPRO Wireless thermostat or our HVAC controller with wireless temperature sensor, both compatible with the seeTemp wall control. You can also control the thermostats from mobile devices, so you can conveniently adjust temperature even when you're away from home.

Flexible, scalable, reliable

Choose from a variety of wireless components to customize and grow your system from a single room to a whole home. RadioRA 2 works directly with Sivoia QS Wireless shades and drapes, GRAFIK Eye QS, and occupancy/vacancy sensorsClear Connect RF technology ensures ultra-reliable wireless communication between components.

Open Integration

RadioRA 2 provides control from universal remotes, home automation systems, mobile devices, and more - all from a single repeater. The Lutron integration protocol allows virtually any device capable of sending and/or receiving RS232 or IP commands to control lights and shades. Two-way functionality provides the ability to monitor the status of lights in the home including light levels and access database-level system information.