HomeWorks QS

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Main Units

The GRAFIK Eye QS main unit allows for the control of multiple lighting and shading zones.

GRAFIK Eye QS main unit


Control the HomeWorks QS system at the touch of a button with programmable, easy-to-use keypads.

Pico Wireless control
HomeWorks QS seeTouch keypad
HomeWorks QS seeTouch tabletop keypad
HomeWorks QS International seeTouch keypad
International seeTouch QS keypad


Lutron occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant.

Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor
Wired ceiling mount - LOS C Series sensor
Wired wall mount - LOS W Series sensor
Power Pack

Control Interfaces

HomeWorks QS uses the following interfaces for convenient, reliable light control.

QS RS-232 interface
QS contact closure interface
Hybrid repeater


The processor is the heart of the system and provides the intelligence for automating lights at different times of the day.

HomeWorks QS processor

Window Treatments

Complement any décor with our wide array of fashionable and innovative window treatments.

Sivoia QS Roller blinds
Sivoia QS Curtain track
Sivoia QS Kirbé Curtain Track System
Sivoia QS Roman blinds
Sivoia QS Venetian blinds
Sivoia QS Tensioned blinds
Sivoia QS Wireless Roller blinds
Sivoia QS Wireless Insulated Honeycomb blinds
Sivoia QS Wireless Curtain track
Sivoia QS Wireless Kirbé Curtain Track Systems
Sivoia QS Wireless Roman blinds
Sivoia QS Wireless Venetian blinds
Sivoia QS Wireless Tensioned blinds

Power Interfaces, Power Panels & Power Modules

Panels allow dimmimg and switching equipment to be located remotely. Power Interfaces provide control of fluorescent and larger lighting loads.

RPM power panel *
DIN-rail power modules
RPM interface *
Adaptive dimming module *
Universal dimming module *
Switching module *
Motor module *
TVM module *
Power booster
Electronic low-voltage interface
0-10V interface (TVI)

*centralised design

Ballasts & Drivers

Exercise greater dimming control using ballasts and drivers by Lutron.
EcoSystem LED drivers  
EcoSystem H-Series ballasts