Reconnect to the Vive hub

  1. If you were connected to the Vive hub using its Wi-Fi, please check the Wi-Fi connection on the mobile device / laptop you are using. Some mobile devices can automatically switch from Wi-Fi to cellular network if they cannot connect to Internet. Try turning your device OFF to avoid jumping to cellular data automatically. *
  2. If you are connected to the Vive hub using its Wi-Fi and to the Internet using wired Ethernet, try disconnecting the wired Ethernet while working on the Vive hub.
  3. If you were connected to the Vive hub using wired Ethernet connection or your building Wi-Fi network, then you will need to a type in the IP address of the hub in your browser’s address bar to be able to connect (e.g. If the IP address is, type in the address bar).

    If you don’t know the IP address of the hub:

    1. Connect to the hub via its Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > Hub Details >Ethernet. You can find the IP address there.
    2. OR talk to your building’s IT administrator.

If you need assistance, please can contact Lutron using the resources below.

USA Hotline +1.610.282.3800
UK Hotline +44.207.702.0657

  1. *On an iPhone® / iPad®, go to Settings > Cellular and turn OFF Wi-Fi Assist option.
  2. On Samsung phones, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn OFF Auto network switch option.

*iPhone® and iPad® are trademarks of Apple® Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.