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Lutron has created several tools that help users clearly understand the options and parameters of a lighting and shade control project. Discover the variations of design and technical specifications that will help make your project a success.

Using our programming software, you will be able to program, control and backup your Lutron systems.

LEDs have recently come to the forefront of innovative lighting technology. Lutron tests different LEDs to determine their performance metrics and compatibility with our cutting-edge products and systems. We have developed an LED matrix to assist users in the selection of reliable, top-notch LED lighting.

View the LED Product Selection Tool

The Hi-lume A-Series LED driver is available in thousands of configurations. Use this interactive tool to select the best model for your product. If you would like to find out more information on a specific model, simply enter the number into the search box. Search results can be downloaded as a spec submittal or used to place a sample order.

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The GRAFIK Eye® QS Single Unit Programmer allows users to set up virtually all of the programming on the GRAFIK Eye QS by simply typing in values from their PC. The PC Programming Tool automatically detects the type of GRAFIK Eye QS unit via USB and allows users to set up zones, scenes, timeclock events and other programmable features and save these settings for replication across multiple units.

GRAFIK Eye® QS Single Unit Programmer Overview [PDF]

Download Full Release (QSG Software for all releases)

GRAFIK Eye Liaison®

GRAFIK Eye Liaison is a Windows-based programming utility that lets users program, interrogate, and back-up a GRAFIK Eye® 3500/4500 unit. Liaison requires the use of either GRX-PRG or GRX-CI-PRG programming interfaces.

  Download Liaison documentation [PDF]

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NOTE: When installing Liaison, please close all programs, including any anti-virus programs.

The functions of Liaison are also available as RS232 commands. For more information, download the RS232 Protocol Command Set PDF.

Download GRAFIK Eye Palm Pilot installation instructions [PDF]

The DMX Color Programming Tool allows users to specify the color for each intensity of a Grafik Eye QS zone. Users can also select colors by programming a start and end point and using the interpolate function to automatically generate intermediate values for a smooth transition between colors.

Find the ballasts that best suit your project. Our easy-to-use ballast selection tool allows you to specify lamp type, number of lamps, and voltage. For factory-tuned ballasts, utilize the custom ballast factor option for ballasts with EcoSystem controls including: Hi-lume 3D, EcoSystem, and EcoSystem H-Series.

View the Ballast Selection Tool
Architectural style light controls require customized solutions for multi-gang installations. Lutron provides a simple, 3-step process that helps you find the right wallplate for your project.

View the Custom Architectural multi-gang Tool
Build the specific model numbers for seeTouch® wallstations control for GRAFIK Eye® 3000, GRAFIK Eye® 4000, GRAFIK 5000™, GRAFIK 6000®, GRAFIK 7000™, XPS™ and LCP 128™ systems. In 6 short steps, you can create a custom wallstation that's perfect for your project's design.

*Option only available for the GRAFIK Eye seeTouch® Wallstation.

Build a Model Number
For information on additional software packages, please contact Customer Service online, or call us at 1.888.LUTRON1 (588-7661).