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Lutron Electronics Redefines the Ease and Convenience of the Connected Home with Cutting-Edge Mobile App Features and Industry-Leading Cloud Connected Device

Creating a smarter and more connected home has never been easier with the latest innovative, convenient, and functional features for RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems

Coopersburg, PA (October 15, 2015) – Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving,wireless lighting and shade control, today announced that its RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems will include cutting-edge mobile app features that leverage some of the most innovative technologies today. New features include geofencing and Apple and Android widgets, taking the functionality of a connected home to the next level–with minimal cost and easy, seamless integration.

RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS are the first Lutron products to work with the unique, new cloud-based Lutron Connect Bridge hardware and the new Lutron Connect App, providing convenient home control from any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.
These enhancements give consumers the ability to transform their homes into smart and connected ones quickly, easily and affordably.

“Lutron continues to lead the industry in innovation for the connected home", said Rich Black, Director of Residential Business Development for Lutron Electronics. “Offering these advanced features with RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS provides users with control that they have not had before, providing more convenience, greater energy savings and a better overall experience.”

Connected Home Features
The RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems will now feature several new upgrades that boast functionality and ease of use, including:
  • AppleWatch notification: Offers ability to make changes and receive alerts about changes to a RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system from a remote location
  • Geofencing: Prompts a change in lights, shades or temperature to take place based on a user’s location ensuring a warm welcome home and added peace of mind
  • HomeGlance dashboard for mobile devices: Eases use of the Lutron Connect app with an improved HomeGlance screen
  • Support for Apple and Android Widgets: Allows quick access to the Lutron Connect app without unlocking your phone, providing more efficient control
  • Nest and Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat support: Expands support to Nest and Honeywell thermostats, allowing a convenient way to adjust the temperature
  • Battery status shown in Lutron Connect app: Provides low-battery notifications on the Lutron Connect App for Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors, Serena battery powered shades and the Pico wireless remote control
  • Free remote access: Offers free mobile access for the Lutron Connect app (Lutron Connect Bridge required)
In addition to these enhancements, Lutron’s new Connect Bridge hardware will communicate with the cloud to provide a greater number of cloud-based features for both dealers and the end user. For example, the RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems will now include timeclock syncing, which avoids the drifting of time and keeps timeclock events consistent and on-point.

“Lutron’s new Connect Bridge is a game-changing device, creating a path within the cloud-connected infrastructure for Lutron,” added Black. “This will pave the way for unique and innovative features in the future.”

All features included in Lutron’s 10.0 version software, as well as the new Lutron Connect app, will be released in early 2016 (app will be available on The App Store℠ and Google Play). The Lutron Connect Bridge will begin shipping in early 2016 with a suggested list price of $299.

About Lutron Electronics (
Founded in 1961, Lutron Electronics is headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. From dimmers for the home, to lighting management systems for entire buildings, the company offers more than 17,000 energy-saving products, sold in more than 100 countries. In the US alone, Lutron products save an estimated 10 billion kWh of electricity, or approximately $1 billion in utility costs per year. The company’s early inventions— including the first solid-state dimmer invented by Lutron’s founder, Joel Spira—are now at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

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