Interruptor de Detección de Ocupación Maestro


The sensor features ambient light detection. This technology senses light in the room and turns lights on only when needed.


Advanced XCT sensing technology allows the sensor to detect fine motions (such as writing or turning a page), which ensures lights stay on when the room is occupied.

Installs in Minutes

This innovative sensor works with all existing bulb types and installs in just minutes — no neutral wire required. Simply replace an existing switch.

*Savings based on replacing a switch with Lutron Occupancy or Vacancy sensor. Actual savings may vary based on use and application. Typical residential savings are estimated to be $10 per year. Stated savings are based on the sensor controlling (4) 60 W incandescent A 19 lamps (rated at 1,000 hours each, costing $.40 per lamp) and reducing the usage by 54% (from 5 hours to 2.3) by preventing the lights from being left on in unoccupied spaced with an electricity cost of $.11/kwh.