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Case study: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Every lighting scheme comes with its challenges, but when leading lighting designers Speirs and Major Associates received the brief to light one of London’s national treasures, they can be forgiven for having a few moments of trepidation about what lay ahead.

Aside from ensuring that the aesthetic interpretation of one of the nation’s most prized interiors was properly considered, the lighting design brief for St. Paul’s demanded considerable flexibility from the lighting systems. This not only included providing lighting for worship, tourism, special events, and state occasions, but also security, cleaning, and maintenance.

The Speirs and Major lighting design for St. Paul’s is made up of five distinct schemes and each of these lighting layers can either stand alone, or work in conjunction with any of the other schemes to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Bruce Kirk of Light Perceptions was contracted to specify the control system and manage the implementation of the Speirs and Major scheme. To overcome the four feet thick stone walls, meet the requirement for minimal visible cabling and the challenge of minimizing radio frequency interference for visiting broadcasters, Bruce used the Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 the RF control used in its renowned GRAFIK Eye and GRAFIK Integrale systems, and linked this to a GRAFIK 7000 control processor.

The new system controls 250 lighting circuits, while providing the simplest user interface possible. The main interface is located at Triforium level next to the stage board and the Viseo LCD offers users an easy to use, highly secure, whole cathedral control system. By linking the Lutron GRAFIK 7000 central processor with GRAFIK Master RF technology, RF tabletop controls have also been used to control light levels in areas that cannot be reached with individual room controls due to cabling issues.

Kirk comments: “The results speak for themselves; the installation offers the ultimate in lighting flexibility not only for the cathedral’s daily requirements, but its major events as well.”

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Products used in this project GRAFIK 7000 GRAFIK Eye 3000
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