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Lutron Launched the New Battery-Powered, Wireless Honeycomb Shades

Motorized shades may be a killer app for home automation, but they’re often one of the most expensive elements of a home control system. And they can be complicated to retrofit, what with their requirements for power and possibly low-voltage wires for control.

But Lutron is changing the game with its new Sivoia QS Wireless Honeycomb battery-powered shades that are easy to install and cost much less than traditional wired AC/DC powered shades.

Super-long battery life

The units – the first cellular shades that Lutron has ever offered -- are powered by four to six D batteries, which can last two to five years years, thanks to Lutron’s new patent-pending Triathlon Power Technology.

In fact, that technology is what finally got Lutron into the battery-operated shading business. Motorized shades can consume quite a bit of energy -- they have to power both the motor and the radio that listens for commands from a controller. Up until now, battery-powered shades have not delivered consistent and reliable battery life. In addition, most of the existing battery-powered technology is neither quiet, precise, or affordable.

Lutron figure out how to do it, though. In standby mode, new shades draw only 1/1000 of a watt of power. And when the battery is low, the shades move at half speed to eke out a little more battery life. The motor, batteries and radio are concealed in a standard headrail that you can barely notice.

Wireless control with precision and ultra-quiet operation

The battery-operated Sivoia QS wireless honeycomb shades maintain the same level of quiet operation and precision control as other Lutron’s automated shades. The wireless control is realized by either IR technology or RF with Lutron’s Pico remote using Lutron’s Clear Connect RF protocol.

Integration with 3-party devices

Sivoia QS wireless honeycomb shades can be integrated with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS or GRAFIK Eye QS lighting control systems. With the press of a single button, users can control light and shade simultaneously. Users can also control this honeycomb shade via third-party devices like iPhone, iPad or devices with Android OS by downloading a free app from online stores.

Neat and tiny, easy to install at reasonable price

Not only does the Sivoia QS wireless honeycomb shades look neat and tidy, but it is also easy to install. “Literally, there’s two brackets and then you snap the shade in,” says Susana Josa, the VP of Greater China for Lutron. “It took me about nine minutes. If you can hang a picture, you can hang a shade.” Compared to traditional AC/DC motorized shades, this wireless honeycomb shade is also much more affordable.

About Lutron

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