Service FAQs

Lutron has compiled the following list of frequently asked questions regarding services for our existing light control systems. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact your local Lutron office.

How can I save energy with my current system?

By virtue of many system characteristics, our systems already save energy. We can assist you in determining your building's operations and further enhancing your energy savings. For further information, contact your local Lutron office.

What is the warranty of my system?

General information can be found in our warranty section.

Where can I find my Lutron project / job number?

You can find this 5- or 6-digit number, also referred to as the "Lutron project number," on the front of any dimming panel (labeled as "J/N #"), on the As-Built drawings, or on system submittals.

lf your system was manufactured prior to 1992, the panel label will have a "Pre-System #" or "Serial #" which is formatted as 012-#### or 014-####.

Can I extend my initial service plan?

In most cases, you can extend the initial coverage, or even upgrade it. General details are available in our Service Plans section. To request additional details or a quote, please contact your local Lutron office.

How do I schedule a visit for my system?

Please contact your local Lutron office to schedule an on-site service visit. Allow at least 10 business days prior to the requested visitation date.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my system?

If you have details on the part you need to replace, contact Tech Support or your local Lutron office.

Are there any local technicians available?

We have Field Service Engineers to service Lutron systems in various locations throughout the World. Contact your local Lutron office to find the appropriate engineer to service your system.

Can I make additions to my current system?

Virtually any Lutron light control system can be expanded to meet the changing needs of your building. Our systems are modular and flexible, allowing you to add capabilities or increase capacity as required. For more information, contact your local Lutron office.