Replacements and Upgrades

If you need to replace a Lutron product, or if you want to learn about upgrading or adding to a Lutron light control system, we can help.

Replacements Parts
System Upgrades

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts. If you are experiencing a problem with your system, ordering a replacement part is a very simple process. Contact your local Lutron office about ordering replacement parts.

Speed up the process by having the following information ready:

  1. Lutron job number: A 5- or 6-digit number on the front of any dimming panel (labeled as "J/N #"), on the As-Built drawings, or on system submittals. lf your system was manufactured prior to 1992, the panel label will have a "Pre-System #" or "Serial #."
  2. Part number: This number will be given to you by Tech Support, or it may be found on the part you're replacing. lf you have not spoken to Tech Support, a representative at your local Lutron office can help you find the part you need.

Spare parts packages.
Having common replacement parts on hand at your facility can minimize downtime in the event of a system failure. Replacement dimmer cards are often installed in minutes. The Lutron Tech Support team will walk you through the process.

We can recommend spare parts based on the specific configuration of your system and any unique requirements you may have.

For more information, contact your local Lutron office to request a system parts quote.

If you need technical assistance choosing your replacement part, contact Technical Support.

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System Upgrades

Software Upgrades

The software for our light control systems is constantly being enhanced, based upon feedback and suggestions we receive from our customers. Enhancements include more intuitive user interfaces and energy-saving features. In most cases, system software can be upgraded in just 1 day. Contact your local Lutron office to see if upgrades are available for your system.

Hardware Upgrades

By upgrading, your existing system can achieve better performance, reliability, and aesthetics. 
Upgrade almost any component of your system, from keypads to control panels. Contact your local Lutron office for more details concerning your specific system.

Full System Upgrades

Upgrading or replacing your existing system to take advantage of new features can lead to more productive environments, happier customers, and reduced electricity bills. Studies show that office buildings in the US expend 39% of electricity on lighting alone (EIA Commercial Office Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, 2003 data, released in 2008). Start saving energy where it counts most.

Our specialists can review the equipment you have, work with you to determine what capabilities and features you want, and propose comprehensive solutions for your light control needs.

Let us help you explore the possibilities. Contact your local Lutron office.

Please read our Replacement system & upgrades FAQs for quick answers to some frequently asked questions.

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