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    North Central Bronx Hospital

    Bronx, New York, United States
    When the North Central Bronx Hospital in NY needed to quickly reorganize several floors to take care of an influx of new patients, Lutron’s Vive Wireless was the ideal solution – easy to design, install, and program, it was in place and commissioned within six days. Download PDF: English
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    Domino’s® Pizza

    Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
    When the owners of a high-performing Domino’s in southeast Britain needed a commercial lighting control that saved energy, provided automation, and offered remote access and monitoring, Vive Wireless was the answer – and it was installed without affecting store operations. Download PDF: English
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    Benbow Group

    United Kingdom
    When the Benbow Group, a prestigious British joinery and metalworker firm, moved into new offices, the company wanted a cost-effective lighting solution that offered benefits such as daylight harvesting and personal control. Lutron's scalable and easy-to-install Vive wireless sol ution proved the right answer, supporting employee productivity and helping save energy. ...more Download PDF: English | Spanish
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    Suncrest Bank

    United States
    Suncrest bank branches are welcoming places, founded to serve the local community. They specialize in small business banking, and their customers can often grab a cup of coffee while they take care of business. The atmosphere and the aesthetics at each branch are important aspect s of how they serve the community. ...more Download PDF: English
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    VA Hospital – Seattle

    Seattle, Washington, United States
    Northwest Edison was recently contracted for a lighting retrofit at the Veteran's Administration (VA) Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Facilitated through the Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Edison took on the system design role for the project and was also responsible for installation and setup. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Moberly Motors

    United States
    Dean Miller's family built Moberly Motors in 1943 when the average new car sold for $900. In 2014, Dean made plans to replace their original building with a 25,000 square foot facility designed to better highlight new cars on the showroom floor and improve the sales and service a reas. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Madison College

    United States
    For many colleges and universities, the Lutron Vive wireless lighting control solution offers clear advantages for energysaving, labor-reducing lighting retrofits. Because colleges often encompass multiple buildings and campuses, they have a diverse set of lighting control requir ements. Recently, Lutron Vive solutions were installed at Madison College to help save energy, improve lighting performance, and enhance the learning environment. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Franklin & Marshall College

    United States
    Franklin & Marshall's campus is peppered with a mix of historic and modern buildings. For the facilities team, those beautiful, historic brick buildings can add a layer of challenge when it comes to facility updates and maintenance. This is just one of the reasons college electri cian Pat Henry, is so pleased with Lutron's new Vive wireless lighting control solutions, and why the college is working to include Vive as part of the master specification for campus improvements. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Edinburg Elementary

    United States
    In 2016, as part of a lighting retrofit, the Edinburg Consolidated School District (ECISD) in Edinburg, TX, replaced existing fluorescent lighting systems at six elementary schools with T8, LED Tube retrofit kits. When they began to experience electrical and codecompliance issues with safety implications, the district had just weeks to select and install a new lighting and control system in order to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for every student. Sigma HN Engineers, with the assistance of Bell and McCoy Lighting and Controls, specified a Lutron Vive Wireless lighting control solution to meet performance requirements. The wireless solution also reduced installation time, complexity, and cost, and with the addition of wireless hubs, enabled centralized control and monitoring. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Van Meter Inc.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
    Van Meter Inc. uses integrated daylighting, occupancy sensors, and Pico wireless remotes for personal control, along with Lutron automated shading solutions to deliver a comfortable, productive environment for their most valuable asset: their employee-owners. Download PDF: English
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