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Case study: Boydell Court

A VBK lighting consultant’s belief that “lighting should be anonymous, sacrificing its identity to benefit the subject being represented,” is nowhere more true than in Boydell Court’s Vue penthouses.

Consisting of six luxury penthouses, the Vue, constructed by Major Stake on top of an existing block of apartments at Boydell Court, takes minimalist high-tech chic to new levels. With interior design by Found Associates and systems integration by Link Media Systems, attention to detail underpins every technology and furnishing fitted into the penthouses.

The systems design team had to work closely with the interior and lighting designers on this project to ensure that the penthouses provided the latest in seamlessly integrated, fully-automated entertainment, lighting, control, and security, all while taking into account tightening restrictions relating to energy efficiency.

VBK lighting consultants used electric light to define interior areas and moods to dramatic effect. They integrated most of the electric lighting within the structural build of the apartments so that very little was evident.

Max von Barnholt at VBK commented: “The design team and client must be commended on their commitment to putting in the extra effort to ensure that all these systems were as seamless as possible. If energy efficient sources are to be applied within residential sites, so much more consideration has to be given at the concept stage of the project. It has ended up being a very clean and sophisticated interior with a ridiculously low installed load/m².”

The Vue Penthouses’ sound, lighting, window blinds, and heating/cooling were integrated into the Lutron HomeWorks light control system for ultimate control. The use of the Lutron Sivoia QED, silent versatile electronic drive for controlling the roller blinds and curtains, allowed for complete control of daylight throughout the penthouses.

Link Media Systems commented: “The Lutron 10-button keypads were also integrated so that they could control lighting, audio, video, and blinds from anywhere in the house. In addition, temperature sensors were incorporated into the keypads so that ventilation could be monitored and controlled throughout the penthouses.”

Seamless integration is the catchphrase in the penthouses and the attention to detail and the flexibility of the Lutron HomeWorks system has ensured that these rooms offer more than just a nice ‘Vue’!

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