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For capacities in multi-gang installations and customized wallplate options, see our Ganging and Derating instructions.
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Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
HMS-0-FMAll ModelsVive Hub220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
HMS-1-FMAll ModelsVive Hub220-240 V
HMS-2-FMAll ModelsVive Hub220-240 V
HNS-0All ModelsHNS Vive Starter Hub Installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
HNS-1All ModelsHNS Vive Basic Hub Installation instructions220-240 V
HNS-2All ModelsHNS Vive Premium Hub Installation instructions220-240 V
Wireless Controls
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
LPFP Pico faceplate  English/ Spanish/French/Dutch/Italian (pdf)
PM2- Pico wireless control – 868 MHz  English/Spanish/German/French/Chinese/Portuguese/Dutch/Italian (pdf)
PM2-4B Pico wireless control, 4-Button – 868 MHz  English/French/Spanish/Italian/Dutch/Portuguese/Chinese (pdf)
Wireless Load Controllers
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
HNS-0-FMAll ModelsHNS Vive Hub Install instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMMS-16R-DV-BAll ModelsPowPak Relay Module with Softswitch, 16 A Relay220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
RMMS-250NE All ModelsIn-Line Reverse Phase Dimmer220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
RMMS-250NE All ModelsReverse-Phase In-Line Dimmer220-240 V English (pdf)
RMMS-8T-DV-BAll ModelsPowPak 0-10 V Control Module220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
RMMS-CCO1-24-BAll ModelsPowPak CCO Module220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
RMMS-DAL32-SZAll ModelsPowPak Single Zone Control Module with DALI220-240 V English/Chinese (pdf)
RMMS-DAL4-SZAll ModelsPowPak Single Zone Control Module with DALI220-240 V
RMNS-16R-DV-BRMNS-16R-DV-BVive PowPak Relay Module with Softswitch installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMNS-250NEAll ModelsRMNS-250NE installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMNS-8T-DV-BRMNS-8T-DV-BVive PowPak Dimming Module with 0 –10 V- Control installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMNS-CCO1-24-BRMNS-CCO1-24-BVive PowPak CCO Module installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMNS-DAL32-SZRMNS-DAL32-SZPowPak Single Zone Control Module with DALI installation instructions220-240 V English (pdf)
RMNS-DAL4-SZRMNS-DAL4-SZPowPak Single Zone Control Module with DALI installation instructions220-240 V
Wireless Sensors
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
L-CMDPIRKIT Sensor accessory kit  English (pdf)
L-CRMK-WHCeiling-mountRecess-mounting bracket  English (pdf)
LRF4- Radio Powr Savr wireless wall-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor - 868MHz  English/Spanish/German/French/Chinese/Portuguese/Italian (pdf)
LRF-ARM Sensor armature accessory for Radio Powr Savr wireless wall-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor  English/Spanish/French (pdf)
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